Diversity policy

Diversity policy implemented by the Company regarding the composition of both the Board of Directors and its senior Managers.

The Company recognizes the importance of promoting the Principle of Diversity in the composition of both its governing bodies and its executive and administrative staff.

The management and capitalization of the Diversity Authority constitutes a significant business organizational challenge for the Company, which, as a modern company following the completion of its transformation and in the context of its responsible operation, in the coming years it is called to face. In this respect, the Company, fulfilling its commitment, in 2017 laid the foundations, creating a specific Diversity policy with a vision and goals.


MYTILINEOS S.A. (the "Company"), committed to implementing the best Corporate Governance practices and complying with the provisions of article 2 of Law 4403/2016, aims at applying Diversity (among other basic parameters, based on gender, age, experience, skills and knowledge) in the composition of its Board of Directors, of its executive management team and of all employees directly engaged in all its activities, wherever this is feasible. To this end, the Company hereby adopts this Diversity Policy ("Policy").


The Company acknowledges that in an era in which flexibility and creativity are the keys to competitiveness, promoting diversity in its administrative, management and supervisory bodies is particularly significant for engendering its further business growth.

The Company also acknowledges that diversity at the workplace in the broader sense may boost the potential for accessing a greater range of solutions to issues of business strategy, increasing its competitive advantage.


The process of seeking and selecting candidates for Board membership or for other senior executive positions should employ merit-based and objective criteria, considering the benefits from the application of the principle of diversity, which include representation of both genders, in the said procedure.

The overriding prerequisite for appointing a Board member or other senior executive primarily is that the candidate possess the requisite qualifications and fulfils other criteria specified by the Company. Nevertheless, the process should ensure that women and men will have equal opportunities for candidature.

If the Company, through its competent bodies such as the Remuneration and Nomination Committee or the Human Resources Central Support Function, were to employ the services of third parties, such as independent consultants, to seek candidates for Board membership or for senior executive positions, explicit mention should be made that both women and men are to be proposed.

In their annual evaluation of the Board of Directors and of its Committees, the members of the Board and of the Committees should take into consideration the balance of all diversity parameters applicable to the Board, as these are mentioned in the present Policy.

Despite the fact that most of its activities are in the heavy industries sector, the Company aims to facilitate the broader possible participation of women and young people in its workforce, where feasible, always in accordance with the requirements and opportunities in each one of its Business Units.

Managing and capitalising on diversity represents a major organisational business challenge for the Company. Its is believed essential to invest in the development of managerial skills, so that senior executives can manage a potentially multicultural work environment correctly.

Measurable targets:

At the time of adoption of the present Policy, the Company has set the target that by 2020 women will represent:

  • Up to 27% of the composition of the Board.
  • Up to 50% of the total number of independent Board members.
  • 20% of senior executives (Directors and General Managers).
  • 15% of direct employees.

Scope of application:

The Policy is applied in selecting members of the Company’s Board of Directors and is taken into account in seeking and selecting senior executives as well as personnel at all other levels of the Company’s hierarchy.

Revision procedure:

The Remuneration and Nomination Committee is competent for revision of this Policy. The Committee may consider revisions for proposal to the Board of Directors for approval.

Policy disclosure:

The Policy is posted on the Company’s website.

In the "Corporate Governance Statement" section of its Annual Report, the Company reports its performance against the targets set, together with the percentages — by gender and age — of the members of the Board and of the executive management team.

MYTILINEOS Diversity Indicator by gender and age 2019 2020 2021 GRI Published
Board of Directors
Men 81.80% 80.0% 73.0%
Women 18.20% 20.0% 27.0%
<30 years old 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
30-49 years old 27.30% 20.0% 18.0%
50-70 years old 54.50% 60.0% 73.0%
>70 years old 18.20% 20.0% 9.0%
Executive Team
Men 83.30% 86.70% 92.9%
Women 16.70% 13.30% 7.1%
<30 years old 0.0% 0.00% 0.0%
30-50 years old 33.30% 26.70% 14.3%
>50 years old 66.70% 73.30% 85.7%
Directors and Officers
Men 82.20% 80.10% 78.8%
Women 17.80% 19.90% 21.2%
<30 years old 0.0% 1.70% 6.1%
30-50 years old 70.60% 60.80% 59.9%
>50 years old 29.40% 37.50% 34.0%
Administrative employees
Men 65.80% 62.8% 63.1%
Women 34.20% 37.20% 36.9%
<30 years old 15.90% 13.00% 14.8%
30-50 years old 65.40% 65.70% 63.4%
>50 years old 18.70% 21.30% 21.8%