Post Balance Sheet events

On 20 January 2022 it was announced that MYTILINEOS is included in the list of Ιndustry Top Rated Companies by the international ESG rating agency Sustainalytics, as a result of its very good performance in the ESG and Sustainable Development criteria for 2021. According to Sustainalytics, which is one of the world's leading ESG rating agencies, the Industry Top Rated Companies badge is awarded to "Strong outperformers in their respective industries out of the Sustainalytics comprehensive coverage universe". MYTILINEOS ranks 2nd in a total of 114 Companies in the "Industrial Conglomerates" category; this performance displays the Company's commitment to integrating and developing the ESG culture across all its activities. Sustainalytics assesses companies based on their ability to manage ESG risks. Depending on the field of activity, each organization is exposed to ESG risks of different types and intensity. MYTILINEOS is assessed at the highest and most demanding level (Comprehensive) in 11 different ESG thematic areas, including: Corporate Governance, Climate Change & Environmental Management, Health & Safety, Human Rights, Business Ethics, which also constitute the maximum number of ESG thematic areas for which a Company can be rated. According to Sustainalytics, MYTILINEOS effectively manages 70% of the ESG risks faced; such a performance is above the average of the companies within the Industrial Conglomates category.

On 2 February 2022 it was announced that MYTILINEOS through its Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit undertakes the construction of the largest data center in Greece. Athens-3 (ATH3), as it will be called, will be the new, state-of-the-art data center of Lamda Hellix, A Digital Realty Company, at the company’s premises in Koropi. This project is to be added to the already existing Athens-1 & Athens-2 (ATH1 & ATH2) and will be the largest data center in Greece, covering an area of 8,600 sq.m building facilities. ATH3 will be constructed according to Tier III standards and will be LEED certified. ATH3 would be supplied 100% with green energy, minimizing the environmental footprint of this investment. Its capacity will reach 6.8MW, while the first phase of the project is expected to be completed in December 2022. The Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit of MYTILINEOS continues to grow dynamically in markets with high demand for execution of complex technical projects, capitalizing on 20 years of experience in similar projects. The collaboration with Digital Realty, one of the largest companies in the data center market with over 290 facilities in 26 countries, highlights a new dynamic whileadding to a continously growing portfolio of high value-added projects.

On 7 February 2022 it was announced that MYTILINEOS S.A. (RIC: MYTr.AT, Bloomberg: MYTIL.GA, ADR: MYTHY US) through its Renewables and Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit and Aquila Capital, a sustainable investment and asset development company, have signed an agreement for the sale of a 100MW solar portfolio in the South of Spain. As part of this, Aquila Capital acquires two solar plants, planned to enter in operations by the end of Q3 2022. The solar plants, Jaen and Guillena, each with 50 MW capacity are both located in Andalucia and are currently under construction by the RSD Business Unit. Once in operation, these plants will produce approximately 200 GWh of 100% clean energy per year. In addition to this operation, MYTILINEOS, through its RSD Business Unit, is implementing a project development and investment platform for solar PV and storage projects and has in operation approximately 118 MW of solar PVs in Australia and 3.5 MW in Cyprus, which have commenced contributing to the Company’s financial results from H2 2021. These projects are part of a total pipeline of solar PV and energy storage projects under various stages of development that exceed 4GW and are located in Iberia, Italy, UK, Cyprus, Romania, Chile, Australia and South Korea for which it will assess options to monetize or integrate in its operations. Aquila Capital currently manages wind energy, solar PV and hydropower assets of more than 13 GW capacity, from which more than 8 GW are in Southern Europe. Spain is a key market for Aquila Capital, where the company has a pipeline of more than 60 projects under development, construction or in operation.

On 22 February 2022 MYTILINEOS SA completed the signing of the contract for the acquisition of a portfolio of 20 solar farms (PV) with a total capacity of 1.48GW, owned by EGNATIA GROUP already announced during February 2021.

Evangelos Mytilineos
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Spyros Kasdas
Vice — Chairman A’ of the Board of Directors