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Who we are

MYTILINEOS is a leader in the Greece’s Metallurgy sector. The Company is also well established in the electric power and natural gas market. To invest strategically in the national and global goal of energy transition, MYTILINEOS created the Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit (SES BU) focusing on projects that promote the energy transition and sustainability. In 2021, the Company also established the new Renewables & Storage Development Business Unit, a global manufacturer and contractor for solar energyprojects.

countries of presence
c.1.5 GW
Power portfolio
industrial plants
direct and indirect employees

Letter to shareholders

In 2021, MYTILINEOS had a historic year, with record-high profitability. We have set new turnover and profit records, and major investments have been completed or are nearing completion. We are now prepared to achieve higher levels of financial performance and create value for our shareholders in the coming years.

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Staying on course


We operate in demanding local and international markets with inventiveness, effectiveness and respect for the environment and the society.

We rely on our workforce, creating value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the Greek Economy.

Our goal is to maintain the leadership on our markets while balancing economic growth with sustainable development.

Benefiting from highly efficient power plants
Electric Power
Electric Power & Gas Trading

Being the largest independent electric power producer and supplier in Greece, we invest in high-tech power facilities. With the commissioning of the new gas-fired combined cycle power plant in mid-2022, we will double our market share and operate the most efficient fleet of thermal and RES power plants in Greece.

Main 2021 results

5.6 TWh electric power production by MYTILINEOS’ thermal & RES plants

20 solar projects with total capacity of 1.48 GW acquired

43.2 MW of wind parks under construction

+36% sales revenues YoY

Increasing output while lowering environmental impact

We upgraded our Aluminium of Greece plant by investing €600 million in technological modernization. This enabled us to increase production volume while still meeting our environmental targets.

Main 2021 results

234,500 tonnes of aluminium manufactured in 2021 due to recent investments

26% share of recycled aluminium of the total aluminium production volume

25% reduction of energy consumption due to recycling program

+24% sales revenues YoY

Getting ready to benefit from the accelerating global energy transition
Renewables & Storage Development

As one of the most competitive players on the expanding renewable energy market, we strategically invest in Solar PV and Energy Storage projects. This enables us to meet the increasing global demand for green technologies.

Main 2021 results

5 GW of solar projects in portfolio

526 MW of projects under construction

878 MW of projects contracted in 2021

2 own projects in Romania and Spain sold for €163 million

290 MW / 330 MWh of Battery Storage projects completed

+38% sales revenues YoY

Facing significant growth prospects
Power plants
Sustainable Engineering Solutions

Our SES business unit creates and implements innovative and cost-effective solutions for sustainable development projects in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The solutions are focused on waste management, hybrid, off-grid, and innovative energy projects. To implement new technologies, obtain patents, and provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions, we make strategic investments in research and development.

Main 2021 results

+116% sales revenues YoY

Key 2021 SES projects

$372 million EPC project in Libya

€182 million EPC project in the UK

€118 million project for construction of a CHP plant in Slovenia

Delivering outstanding financial results

In 2021, we succeeded in improving our profitability against the backdrop of the COVID-related challenges, the energy crisis, and rising inflation. We saw a 40% increase in turnover, a 14% increase in EBITDA, and a 26% increase in net profit.

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Main 2021 results
€2,664 million
€359 million
Net profit
€162 million

Share performance

The shares of MYTILINEOS S.A. are freely traded on the Securities Market of the Athens Exchange. Until 31 December 2021, 7,672,494 Company’s shares have been bought back at an average price of €10.4837 and total cost of €80,436,049.

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